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title The USSR
subtitle 70 Years of Soviet Cultural History
publisher Raffaello Cortina Editore
format Book
language Italian
pages 632
publication 2018
ISBN Piretto2018ITA


Giving substance to nostalgia:
the USSR and its myths

For approximately 70 years the Soviet Union was the source of strong passions and antipathies. Using a chronology that avoids the banality of division into decades, the book analyzes historical events, enterprises, campaigns both promotional and deterrent that harassed the citizens of the Soviets, with a particular focus on the common people’s perception of daily events.
Bill-boards, magazines, cinema, architecture, art and news reports offer material to study propaganda, rhetoric, passions. The author guides the reader from the powerful investments
of the early years to the euphoria-terror binomial that characterized the Stalinist era, through the sub-cultures of the young in the Fifties and Sixties to the first steps of rock in the Seventies, finally reaching the fateful Christmas of 1991 and the lowering of the red flag on the Kremlin.
The book is richly illustrated with works of designers and artists of the period.


Author biography

Gian Piero Piretto teaches Russian Culture and Visual Culture at the University of Milan. He has translated the works of Chekhov and other Russian authors, and is the author
of important studies on the history of Soviet culture

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