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The Many Faces of Empathy

The Many Faces of Empathy
title The Many Faces of Empathy
subtitle Empathic Experience in the Conflict Society
publisher Raffaello Cortina Editore
format Book
language Italian
pages 212
publication 2018
ISBN boellaITA

Empathy is the experience that brings us face to face with the existence of others, their uniqueness and diversity. It is by no means a sentiment of liking or sympathy. 
It does not produce similarity or connection, rather it gives rise to sudden, unexpected and varied movements towards new lines of thought and desires generated by the meeting of two
human beings. The differences in the quality of the relations brings to the forefront the modalities of the empathic experience, such as empathy without sympathy and negative
empathy that up till now have remained on the fringes of reflection. They are essential for identifying and defining the role of empathy in wider narrative, cultural and institutional
contexts such as literary imagination and judicial matters.


Author biography

Laura Boella teaches Moral Philosophy at the University of Milan.

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