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The New Melancholies

The New Melancholies
title The New Melancholies
publisher Raffaello Cortina Editore
format Book
language Italian
pages 250
publication 11/2019
ISBN 9788832851359ENG
New psychoanalytic considerations on the contemporary evils of existence

This book investigates a number of key elements of contemporary clinical psychoanalysis, with a particular focus on new forms of melancholy. While in its classical Freudian conception, melancholy involves a sense of guilt, today it has acquired a new declension, characterized by a fundamental lack of awareness of life and its transmission from one generation to the next.
The spread of clinical cases related to the new melancholies is revealing the dark side of contemporary social discourse; the sad truth behind the maniacal circus of permanent frenzy, the mad whirligig of unlimited consumption, is revealed in a vertical plunge in the sense of and desire for life. Hate born of fundamentalism or extremism, the cult of Mammon driven by avidity, pathological dependencies and the narcistic-autistic deviations of youth, the subjective cult of perverse pleasure, are other crucial elements that contribute to the deadly passion of new melancholy, challenging not only psychoanalysts but the world at large.

Author biography

Massimo Recalcati, one of the best-known Italian psychoanalysts, is a member of the Italian Association of Lacanian Psychoanalysis. He teaches in the Universities of Pavia
and Verona.

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