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Books of Massimo Recalcati

Things Are No Longer the Same

In Praise of Forgiveness in Love Relationships

di Massimo Recalcati

publisher: Raffaello Cortina Editore

pages: 159

This book is about forgiveness and praises its slow and hard effort never to give up on the promise for eternity which is essential to every true love.The author focuses on long-lasting love, on the pain it brings and on its possible redemption. It investigates those kinds of love which leave a mark in life and refuse to die even when confronted with the upsetting experience of betrayal and abandonment. What happens to such deep feelings when one of the partners is having an emotional experience with someone else and keeps it secret, and lies about it? What happens then, if the traitor begs for forgiveness and, after stating that things were no longer the same, wants everything to be the way it used to be? Are lovers ridiculous in their attempt to make love last? Or is it possible to cope with the experience of betrayal, with the pain inflicted by someone who has always been an authentic reason to live?      

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