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Books of Simone Rossi

The Electric Brain

The Challenges of Neuromodulation

di Simone Rossi

publisher: Raffaello Cortina Editore

pages: 320

Cutting-edge neuroscience: stimulating and treating the brain with electricity.  In this brilliant debut, Simone Rossi, a protagonist of state-of-the-art neurological research, discusses the important progress made in neuroscience and how he himself has approached it. The book reveals where nervous information originates, how it moves, how the cerebral connections function, what cerebral oscillations are. It explains how cerebral activity is recorded and, a recent novelty, how neuromodulation can potentially interact with it to treat neurological and psychiatric illnesses. The Electric Brain transports us to the cutting-edge of neuroscience, to advanced frontiers in research and practice including electroceutical therapy and neuroenhancement, and discusses the technological and ethical issues involved in applying electrical current, however weak it may be, to the human brain. Written in the first person by a protagonist of Italian neuroscience who relates entertaining episodes of his “life as a scientist”, the style is engaging and the subject intriguing.

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