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A Biography of Jesus

A Biography of Jesus
title A Biography of Jesus
subtitle According to the Gospels
Publisher Raffaello Cortina Editore
libro Book
Language Italian
Pages 240
Published on 2021
ISBN 9788832853636ENG

The life, passion and resurrection of Jesus as recounted by a great scholar

This “biography” of Jesus is constructed on the watershed between faith and historical fact. The opening pages provide a setting that isolates the historical-cultural and geopolitical coordinates of the four Gospels, after which the reader is accompanied in a journey through their pages that offer a composite of portraits taken from different perspectives rather than an academic reconstruction of a character and his story. 
Gianfranco Ravasi develops this profile of Jesus adhering to certain fundamental features, starting from his public life in the village of Nazareth, his speeches that frequently flowed into parabolic narratives, his hands that moved in surprising gestures, catalogued as “miracles”. Then the supreme sacrifice, his death by capital execution condoned by Rome. But just when the curtain falls on Jesus’s earthly existence, a new phase of his life opens, a discriminant without precedence, defined as “resurrection”.  Understanding this requires another descriptive channel, mainly consigned to a transcendental consciousness, known as the “Paschal Mystery”.



Author biography

Gianfranco Ravasi, a highly respected biblical scholar and Hebraist, was consecrated as bishop in 2007 and created a cardinal in 2010. A prolific communicator, he has published approximately one hundred and fifty volumes mainly on biblical and scientific subjects. He writes for the L’Osservatore Romano, Avvenire and Il Sole 24 Ore; in 2017 he received the Montanelli award for his journalistic activity.

Rights Sold

Portuguese: Ediçoes Loyola
Polish: Jednosc
Romanian: Editura Spandugino
Spanish: San Pablo
Ukrainian: Missioner Publishing

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